I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

I am pretty sure that I got these earrings as a present one year and I, honestly, didn’t like them when I first got them. I thought that they were “too old” for me since I got them when I was so young. I never really cared to dress older for my age, granted I was apparently too risque by my parents because I love lace and all that, which I am sure you can tell from all of my Mermaid’s Wardrobe. Now that I am older, I love to wear these as an accent to add to my outfit. These are definitely whiter than the picture shows but they are still cute.

I think that these are so much more wonderful because they have a sparkly element to them. I think that if these were just plain pearls, I wouldn’t wear them as much as I do.


What do you think?

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