Wanderlust #11: London Week 3

Oh, is it really already the end? By the time you read this I will have started school and it is just the saddest. I didn’t get around to writing about my last week in London until now so I apologize. Well, my last week was a doozy. I went to The Globe Theater and went on a really nice tour in the sunshine. I … Continue reading Wanderlust #11: London Week 3

Wanderlust #10: London Week 2

So sorry that I have been missing for a bit! I got back to the states and have been preparing for university this year. I just have a lot to prepare for but I have brought pictures for you! I got to experience a lot of things and really push myself out of my comfort zone by doing things with other people. I decided to … Continue reading Wanderlust #10: London Week 2

Wanderlust #9: London Week 1

I still cannot believe that I am not in Italy anymore. By the time you read this, I will be in my last full week of London. I am in shock. I can’t imagine leaving such wonderful places after being out of the United States for nearly 3 months. Well, shall we start at the beginning of this London adventure? I woke up in Rome … Continue reading Wanderlust #9: London Week 1