The Museum of Sex

Attention: In this post, I do mention a lot of the more graphic things in the Museum of Sex so if you don’t feel comfortable reading any of this it’s totally fine! I didn’t know what to expect on my first visit to the Museum of Sex and my expectations were met and surpassed. I expected there to be a lot of vulgar content but … Continue reading The Museum of Sex

Wanderlust #21: Tips For Lack of Cell Service When Traveling

This is something that I would just like to say is a fault for Straight Talk as a company, their phones are locked until one year later. I went to Berlin on the notion that I would be able to put a temporary sim card on my phone that had data. Sadly, because I had purchased my phone in November of 2016, when May 2017 … Continue reading Wanderlust #21: Tips For Lack of Cell Service When Traveling

Wanderlust #20: The Berlin State of Mind

People are on bicycles everywhere. No, literally, everywhere. There is something about Berlin that has my heart and if I could spend my life living there for a couple of years, it would be a dream. Although there are tourists, it isn’t like London where you are in a congested world of tourists. Berlin just has a vibe that is hipster and chill. I found … Continue reading Wanderlust #20: The Berlin State of Mind

Wanderlust #19: Berlin Hostel | The Circus Hostel

This is me in the hostel bathroom downstairs. I know, cheesy, but the U-bahn map is so freaking cool! To be honest, this was a wonderful hostel but it definitely had some pros and cons, more pros though. Upon arrival it is very open, there is a cafe to your left and a seating area on your right. The receptionist desk is a little farther … Continue reading Wanderlust #19: Berlin Hostel | The Circus Hostel

Wanderlust #18: Language Barrier

Photo was taken at the Flohmarkt in Mauerpark in Berlin! The language barrier in Berlin is not as drastic as some might think. Sure, there are plenty of people who don’t speak English but they do try to help in the best way that they can. I love that the people were kind enough to be patient with me or take my pointing at things on … Continue reading Wanderlust #18: Language Barrier

Wanderlust #17: How I Got to Travel to Berlin

This is way overdue when it comes to updating everyone but I am so excited to share my Berlin adventures. I had a summer of fun and hard work and I am just getting around to talking about Berlin. Boy, do I have a lot to talk about! There is a whole series of Berlin blog posts I have cooking in my head so that … Continue reading Wanderlust #17: How I Got to Travel to Berlin

Wanderlust #21: Misconceptions of New York

New York has always been a place that I wanted to go to and when I was around the age of 11 or 12, my whole family went for a wedding. I have never been more afraid in my life. My parents, like many others, are super overprotective and very cautious. It frustrates me to this day that they impose their fears onto me because … Continue reading Wanderlust #21: Misconceptions of New York

Wanderlust #20: Anastasia on Broadway

I reunited with my sister after a couple of days to meet up with her and her friends. I cannot even begin to express how beautiful this musical was. It had the perfect mix of traditional-childhood and brand new. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite costume was the queen’s/tsarina’s because it had the most beautiful long cape that … Continue reading Wanderlust #20: Anastasia on Broadway