Romper Me This

Whew, long time no fashion post! I haven’t posted much on the fashion side of this blog because of myself. I have been working to really accept my body for where I am and where I am going with it. I have always been self conscious about my body so when I feel good, you will know it. I just love rompers and they always … Continue reading Romper Me This

I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

I am pretty sure that I got these earrings as a present one year and I, honestly, didn’t like them when I first got them. I thought that they were “too old” for me since I got them when I was so young. I never really cared to dress older for my age, granted I was apparently too risque by my parents because I love … Continue reading I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

I love this bracelet! If you have ever seen¬†Vampire Knight, then you will know that Yuki (main character) wears this to protect herself from someone close to her that has awakened as a vampire. I actually bought this because I needed to reach $50 to get free shipping and I was so close. So, I decided to get something anime related. I found this for … Continue reading Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

The Elaborate Coral Reef Cuff

I love this cuff, it was on sale at Charming Charlie for a couple of dollars, I can’t find the link but I know that I wouldn’t have spent more than $8.00. Cuffs like this usually make my wrist look really chubby but this surrounds my wrist nicely. I think that the intricacies of this bracelet are just beautiful and the mixes of starfish, sand … Continue reading The Elaborate Coral Reef Cuff

Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint

For anyone has been following me for a long while, you will know that this bracelet has made an appearance or two. The lighting washed this bracelet out a bit but I can assure you that it is gold and beautiful! The shapes are what really get to me because they are so cool. I saw this bracelet on JewelMint a long time ago and … Continue reading Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint