Food For Thought: The Most Important Thing to Learn In Your 20’s

I know that I am in my early twenties and this might be speaking a little too early but I think that this statement is true: Finding out who are is the most important in your 20’s. I have never been in a relationship before or even been on a date. I think that although I might be missing out on that, that it isn’t the most important for myself. I think that growing as a person and finding out who I am will help me in the future with any relationship. Growing up in high school most teens don’t know who they are when it comes to themselves. I think that the separation away from family in college is honestly the perfect time to get away and find oneself.

Although I am only 23, I know that I do not want to be in a relationship right now because I am still finding out who I am as a person. I have realized that I tend to change when I continue to nurture a friendship with someone. Sometimes I am growing for the better while other times I see the negativity that starts to take over. I cut the negative relationships out but it might not be soon enough to where I can be okay with my decisions. Well, that sounds a little dramatic, but you really do have to live with those choices you make.

Separating myself from a lot of the negative relationship and taking the time and energy to focus on myself really helps. I have realized that I tend to invest a lot of time to relationships that may not be good for me because I just want people to be happy but that isn’t always the best and so many people take advantage of other people’s willingness.

What do you think?

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