Lead the Way

Rose gold jewelry was a huge hit last year and this is one of the items I bought on sale. I love this rose gold arrow ring because it is interesting and winds around the finger. I think that you could probably still find something similar around other department stores. I purchased mine on clearance from Charming Charlie. Have any rose gold jewelry you want … Continue reading Lead the Way

I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

I am pretty sure that I got these earrings as a present one year and I, honestly, didn’t like them when I first got them. I thought that they were “too old” for me since I got them when I was so young. I never really cared to dress older for my age, granted I was apparently too risque by my parents because I love … Continue reading I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

I love this bracelet! If you have ever seen¬†Vampire Knight, then you will know that Yuki (main character) wears this to protect herself from someone close to her that has awakened as a vampire. I actually bought this because I needed to reach $50 to get free shipping and I was so close. So, I decided to get something anime related. I found this for … Continue reading Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

The Elaborate Coral Reef Cuff

I love this cuff, it was on sale at Charming Charlie for a couple of dollars, I can’t find the link but I know that I wouldn’t have spent more than $8.00. Cuffs like this usually make my wrist look really chubby but this surrounds my wrist nicely. I think that the intricacies of this bracelet are just beautiful and the mixes of starfish, sand … Continue reading The Elaborate Coral Reef Cuff

Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint

For anyone has been following me for a long while, you will know that this bracelet has made an appearance or two. The lighting washed this bracelet out a bit but I can assure you that it is gold and beautiful! The shapes are what really get to me because they are so cool. I saw this bracelet on JewelMint a long time ago and … Continue reading Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint

| The Most Expensive Necklace I Own | It’s A Beauty

As far as I know, this is the most expensive necklace that I have ever purchased. I know that this might sound silly because most necklaces are rather inexpensive at Forever 21. Thankfully, they have upped their game in the necklace department but their prices have sky rocketed, some understandable and others not so much. I definitely understand why they had this priced at $18.90. … Continue reading | The Most Expensive Necklace I Own | It’s A Beauty