Fancy Nautical Watch

I usually go into stores when a new selection of items comes out and see what they have available. Mentally, I will take notes and make sure to wait until the item is on clearance. I know that it gives me a slim chance to actually get the item but it saves me a ton of money that I could put towards another purchase. My nautical watch here is something I had been eyeing because I can only wear watches with a silicone band. If the band is anything but, I rust the band or create a rash on my wrist because I swear where my wrists are…is that weird? Anyway, this watch was on sale for only $9.99 and originally went for $28! Online, the item goes for $11.99 but if you can find it in store it might be cheaper like it was for me. Here is the LINK.

So, what do you think?

-The Mermaid Network

What do you think?

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