DIY Fruit Cup

I love fruit cups but the idea of cutting a variety of fruits doesn’t make too much sense since I am a college student and can’t afford a variety of fruits all of the time. So, here are three options to get you started on getting more fruit in you and save money.

Option #1: Look around your local grocery store and see what is on sale. You don’t need a huge variety but maybe two or three would be a good mix. If they are all berries that makes it easier and you can just wash them all the night before, pack some yogurt and you are ready to go for the next week.

Option #2: Buy pre-packaged fruit, fresh, not canned fruit! You can usually get a deal if the fruit is about to “expire” and get $1.00 or more off. It all depends on how the grocery store gets rid of those items. The problem with this option though is that the fruit will go bad faster since it is on the edge…of glory. Just kidding, but make sure that you will eat it in the next day or two.

Option #3: Go to Panera and buy a fruit cup. Okay, some of us out there don’t have time and I mean, no time, to get in any fruit but if you go out to lunch with your co-workers or anywhere that has fruit cups, pick one up.

Option #4: Have a fruit potluck. This only works if everyone at work is good to bring fruit to work and share. The best thing to do is have everyone bring in the fruit and then clean it and cut at work. I know that this may sound skeptical but some people honestly aren’t that clean and won’t wash certain things or do things the way you like. Volunteer yourself as tribute to wash the fruit and you will know that they are all nice and clean. A fruit potluck is better than an actual potluck because then everyone has an afternoon pick me up after their own lunches. Yum!

Honestly, I just came up with Option #4, but what do you think?

-The Mermaid Network

What do you think?

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