Almost Wrecked + Hair Dilemma

Note: I didn’t have internet for a month and a half, so some of these posts happened already but were documented to be posted later.

Today is June 4, 2015 and you will be reading this at a much later date because I have no internet and by the time you see this, there will be internet. So, I left work early around 4:30 and drove down to my local Ulta. I was in the left lane to turn into the shopping center and I thought I was clear but as soon as I turned, a white van almost hit me. Yes, I realize I should have waited and I just want to apologize to the white van for probably having higher blood pressure or for having road rage at me. It was not my intention for that. I was just trying to get a hair consult. Also, another car crash happened last week when I was driving through a parking lot to find a spot and a white truck nearly T-boned me without even looking! I wasn’t even aware he was that close until his bright red brake lights nearly blinded me. Please be aware of reversing, sir or madam. I realize that everyone driving makes mistakes now and then and I still strive to be the best and safe driver that there is, but there is always human error. But, seriously, be safe when driving! I would be saddened to know that any Fleeters are, or have been in an accident. They are no fun!

Okay, now onto my hair dilemma, I went into Ulta to ask someone about my hair. I want bangs, like Taylor Swift bangs circa 2012/Red Tour. I love that look and used to have bangs. I grew out of them and also had severe dandruff when I was in fifth grade, all the way until I reached my senior year in college. Hair has been something that I have been really sensitive about. I asked a hair stylist at Ulta in October 2012 when I donated hair for Pantene’s hair program to donate wigs for cancer patients. The hair stylist that I talked to was really straightforward and didn’t put on a persona to try and be your best friend, I appreciated that. She sat me down in a chair and began to comb my hair to attempt the look of bangs but I could already tell that the answer she was going to give me was not the one I wanted. She told me that my hair was much too thin to have full bangs that looked “good”. Sure, I could get them but it wasn’t going to be what I wanted. After thinking over that for a second she mentioned how there was a spot of dandruff that was noticeable along with my really thin hair. A quarter sized amount of dandruff was active and that freaked me out on the inside.

Without doing much else other than telling me that my hair was thin and that dandruff was still an active part of my life, she brought me over to the Nioxin brand area stationed among other higher end products. The product she recommended was a three step product that costs $50. Now, I have tried almost all other dandruff shampoos from Herbal Essence to Head and Shoulders to Selsun Blue. Also recommended was a scalp shampoo from Redken, also pricey, I didn’t look to see how much it was. I am not saying I am unwilling to spend the big bucks but it is imperative that I really focus on my school and saving up for it for gas and food. Overall, I think that I got a lot of information and was also given a hair treatment option that is $25 with a $10 off coupon. I am pretty excited about that and may try it before leaving for my sister’s house.

-The Mermaid Network

Update: I ended up buying the Redken shampoo for $12.50 or so because I had a $3.50 off coupon.

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