Restaurant Thursday: Pie Five Pizza

Quick Note: I will be having Tuesday Treat and Restaurant Thursday alternate weeks now!

Pie Five Pizza, sounds weird by name but when you go in you won’t regret it. If you have a bunch of friends and want to hang out but can’t seem to find a pizza that you can agree on, this is the place.

I had seen Pie Five Pizza here and there but never felt the need to go inside. One day my sister decided that it would be a cool place to try since she really didn’t want to go to my holy grail restaurant anymore Chipotle.

STAFF: They seemed underwhelmed by life when I walked in and greeted me and my family with a monotone look on life. Sounds too weird, right? Well, they chippered up a little when they got orders.

DECOR: Cute! I love that there are sayings that make you giggle like “You can choose your friends and you can choose your toppings but you can’t choose your friend’s toppings.” I also like that the place is open and there is a good amount of space between tables.

FOOD + MENU: Great! I love that you can choose their receipes or you can make your own. Since all of these are about $6.50+ for a personal pizza, it is great that you can choose what you want. I had the Athenian which has feta cheese! Yum! I also love that I got thin crust since I dislike regular. They have about 10+ pizzas that have premade recepies and they have the whole list of stuff you can put on your pizza if you are wanting to make your own.

-The Mermaid Chef


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