I have yet to watch them but all over Instagram I saw pictures of the celebs selfies and on the blue carpet. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Looking through the men I saw Paul Wesley and, can I just say, he is looking mighty fine in this casual look? I think that this is the perfect in-between from full out red carpet and dingy looking. I love that the blazer isn’t matte and has some sheen to it while the texture in the gray shirt really goes well. The black matte pants doesn’t clash with the blazer or the shirt which makes this combination perfect! You go Mr. Wesley!

Taylor Swift, one of my role models, is pulling a more edgy look. In fact, so many people were wearing crop tops, was I the only one who noticed? At first I was thrown a bit by Ms. Swift’s choice in attire but the play on texture and color makes her look like a flash of spring in the heat I am sure they all felt on the blue carpet. Plus, I love the sheer element of the skirt and the bold hem!

Probably my favorite look of the night goes to Bella Thorne. No need to go all out flashy with jewelry when you have a dress that does all the work for you. I love that the nude panel in the center elongates her body. The blue floral print really brings out and accents her hair and skin tone. The blue shoes are just a perfect match. Surprisingly she doesn’t blend too much into the carpet but maybe some nude heels next time? Still, great look!

What do you think?

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