3 Months In | Have My Opinions Changed?

My original post on where I was and what I was doing from almost two months ago here.

Would you believe that it has been 3 months? If anyone needs a shock, I realized that I have officially been out of work and quarantining for as long as summer break in school would have been and that is a scary thought. I would say that I am still 95% doing okay and 5% panicking but, boy, that panicking is strong and hard. I have had a couple hard mental health days but I have really been trying to go with the flow.

Physical status: Yeah, still quarantining and only going out for groceries or picking up packages. I am not planning on taking the subway for the rest of the year if I can help it. I have no need to since I don’t have a job.

Job status: Well, Broadway has shut down for the remainder of the year and I can’t imagine theatre will get back up on its feet at smaller venues. I feel that schools are not goin to be hiring either since they will likely want to keep the group of people in terms of who gets into contact with others.

Mental status: Today is a good day but I am getting stressed about money. I feel like the world is so up in the air and, as a freelancer, my future is not so easily clear. I do not have the option to be working remotely for a company because my work is so physical.

What’s been keeping me busy?

  1. Classes?
    Well, I finished my coursera classes and have been slacking on my two recent ones. I am currently uninspired by them. However, the classes I did take were great. You can get my opinions on those here.

2. Art
I have been working on my art and it has been going well in keeping me sane! You can see a few samples throughout this whole post. I even opened up a shop which you can visit here. Here are all the links if you want to support me in my artistic endeavors.

3. Games
I mentioned Stardew Valley and I love that game. Steam, the operating system, is having their summer sale and I bought a couple of games. I bought: Elder Scrolls Online, Gris, A Hat in Time, and Overcooked 2 expansion packs. I am playing Elder Scrolls Online with my siblings. I LOVE playing Gris so much, it’s so beautiful and also makes you think really hard since some of the puzzles had me looking up videos to figure out how to move forward. A Hat in Time is hard to play on a keyboard so I am having my brother ship me his additional PS controller.

4. Kindle Unlimited
I am still reading a lot of books. I have now read 43 books. I like to escape and read.

The Silent

5. Netflix Party
Yup, still doing those. I have Netflix parties with my siblings, my friend from Minnesota, and my core friend group from college. My siblings and I watched Umbrella Academy and are now watching Locke & Key. My friend from Minnesota and I just finished The Big Flower Fight and are moving onto Restaurants on the Edge. My core friend group and I are watching movies on Netflix. We just watched Anna Karenina last week.

6. Advocating for Black Lives Matter
We are living in a time of change both personally and physically. I am donating, signing petitions, and educating myself. Please, please, please take the time to learn about the lives of these people we have lost. Please be kinder to one another and be kind to those who need it most. Support in anyway that you can. I am not comfortable protesting in the streets but I am still working to advocate for them the best I can by learning from them, donating, and signing their petitions. Here are some ways you can donate/petition for change:

Bail Funds for Protestors | Many of these protestors are being wrongfully held because they are exercising their right to free speech. The police will detain anyone even if they are not being violent. Please, consider donating to your local bail fund. I donated to North Carolina and New York.

Justice for George Floyd | The death of George Floyd is unjust and he didn’t deserve the treatment he got, no one does, so please sign to get justice for George Floyd.

OFFICIAL Gianna Floyd Fund (George Floyd’s child) | Gianna is going to grow up without her father in her life. She will have his legacy though, and with our support and donations she can have a life that is less difficult monetarily.

Elijah McClain | I was heartbroken to hear that a young man died because he was wearing a mask that made him seem “suspicious” when he had a medical reason. Please donate if you can. He deserves justice.

Breonna Taylor | Breonna was shot in her own home. She was shot in her own home. Please realize that we go to sleep in hopes for another day, not to get shot in the middle of the night.

Those are only a few of the organizations that I have donated/signed to and will continue to raise awareness on social media. Please find groups of people who you feel you can openly have these hard conversations with. I recently attended (through Zoom) an Anti-Blackness workshop that worked to dive deeper into the relation of Asian-Americans with the black community and how to break down those barriers and preconceptions. The work starts with you and me.

If you have a cause that is important to you, leave it in the comments. I want to continue to spread the word and also hear what you have to say. Please be kind and if you comment, please be mindful of this positive and safe space. I know that I have never been political or made statements on what is happening in the world before on this blog but this isn’t about politics with the links I added, this about the mistreatment of black people which has been abused and used for too long.

Talk soon.

What do you think?

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