It’s Okay to Be Okay or Not Okay in Quarantine

I’ll be completely honest and let you know that I am doing pretty well in quarantine. I would say I am 95% doing swell and 5% panicking. The panic happens right before bed. I am panicking about things a month from now and I think that because I am having to pay rent again without having a job is a bit stressful. But, aside from that, I have been having a wonderful time being locked up in NYC. I am extremely introverted so not being outside has been fine by me, not so much for some of my roommates though.

A photo of me from today.

Physical Status:
I have been in quarantine since March 16 and have not left my apartment in the entire time. I am not even kidding. I haven’t even gone on the fire escape. It has just been me, my bed, and kitchen. I am currently living with two of my roommates, one is back home in Jersey and one is moving back home and the other one will be heading back to CA for a little bit.

Job Status:
Unemployment is scary and that has been a part of the 5% panic. I will say that I am fortunate enough, as a freelancer, to be getting some pay for a job that I was originally supposed to be working on. Crazy to think how it would have already closed this past week.

Mental Status:
I think that I am doing okay. I am grateful that my body has had time to rest during this time because it had been go-go-go since forever. I am very much a person who doesn’t need to have constant mental stimulation with others so I have been doing fine.

What’s Keeping Me Busy?

Notes from my classes

1. Classes on Coursera.
I saw a couple weeks ago some class offerings through MOMA through Coursera. I had never really heard about them before but the classes are fully free! You just have to sign up with an account and then sign up for the classes, it’s that simple. You can purchase a certificate to have upon completion of the course but that’s optional. I am currently taking Fashion as Design by MOMA, Sustainable Fashion by Copenhagen Business School, and Chinese Culture and Contemporary China by Nanjing University. I have been taking one class every week on Tues, Wed, Thurs, respectively.

2. Working On My Art
It’s been a while since I have been working on my art but I have a motivation to work on something that I hope I can share in the near future but it’s big undertaking. I am using the XP-Pen Artist Pro 12 tablet. I got it for a steal at Anime NYC last fall and it has been great. It came with ClipArt which is like photoshop but I am finding it to be much easier to use.

3. Stardew Valley
If you play games, I highly recommend getting Steam, a platform that allows you to play games on your desktop. They have a lot of games compatible on both Windows and Mac and some games are also Co-Op so you can play with others! I have been LOVING Stardew Valley. I started playing it a couple months ago but didn’t really get into it until the start of quarantine…I have 100+ hours clocked into the game. My farm is a Co-Op farm with my sister but I have mainly been playing it solo. I am on Year 4 of the game as of today.

4. Kindle Unlimited
I have paid for Kindle Unlimited and let me tell you, that $9.99/month is everything. I have read so many books lately and it has been an absolute joy to read again. If you want to see what I have read in this year alone, I have read 26 books. To preface, I am a huge romance novel lover and supernatural reader. So, if you are interested, follow this link.

5. Netflix Party
I love that Netflix Party because I have been able to connect with my college friends and have movie nights again and with a friend who is currently in Minnesota and with my siblings! I have loved it so much, it has been absolutely wonderful to watch something altogether.

Well, that’s me and quarantine so far. Let me know how it is going for you, how are you doing?

Talk soon,

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