Current State of Mind + Etsy

My current state of mind: I am stressed about not having a job. My industry is still completely shut down and we are not expected to even be back until January but that might not happen. I would like to mention that I worked hard to get to where I am and that the job market is tough because places either aren’t hiring or they require taking the subway. No job is worth me or anyone else possibly contracting Covid-19. Truly.

My current physical state: I am still quarantining to the max at home whenever possible. I have only been going out once every two weeks for the most part and that is just to get groceries and pick up my packages. I haven’t been on the subway since March. I haven’t been partaking in outdoor seating.

Today I decided to go out and explore the farmer’s market near me. I truly felt fine going there but as soon as I got there, my anxiety spiked up. I didn’t like the mass amount of people I saw waiting in line. Granted, it wasn’t so bad but I had to step out because I just couldn’t take it. I called my sister to just keep my mind off of the fact that I was in an open space with more people than I have been around in a long time.

My neighborhood in New York City has been a crap shoot. There are those who are wearing masks but there are still a ton of people who are not wearing masks properly or at all. I saw a group of people at the grocery store talking with their masks down. I saw people with masks below their nose. People holding their masks in their hands. Even though I feel like I am strong enough to withstand the virus, there is a disconnect that people disregard others.

I saw a TikTok of an Asian man explaining how most Asians wear a mask not because they are trying to protect themselves, but they are protecting others. If we don’t start seeing wearing masks as protecting other people then we are risking another spike throughout the country. Wearing a mask should be seen as a sign of mutual respect for your fellow human.

Aside from me getting mad internally about people not wearing masks, I am on Etsy! You can follow the link here. I am selling prints and stickers right now. My art has been my saving grace and keeping me on track to really placing my anxiety and thoughts into my art. I am not able to produce the products myself at this time but I am using Printful to fulfill my orders. They are a made-to-order print service.

Talk soon,

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