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TMN-MonthlyUpdatesOkay, I cannot be the only mermaid around that is feeling like April has gone and past super fast! I feel like a crazy amount of emotions has gone through me and I am just here to live a life. Anyway, not to start getting into some kind of philosophical post, I just wanted to share my current music favorites because, instead of dedicating a whole post, you get to listen to some pretty cool music after! Also, yes, I know, this is a couple days late but I just couldn’t get what I wanted from this post to feel good about posting it. 

Music favorites this month include all of Tove Lo’s album “Queen of the Clouds” and her “Truth Serum EP”. I love Taylor Swift and so Tove Lo is my counterbalance to Taylor’s music, although I am still jamming to Taylor daily. Also, Sam Hunt’s “Ex To See” song is just amazing, a great play on words and should be in my motivational playlist…if I had one…Anyway, two great artists that you should check out if you need some new music!


I am just going with the norm and living life. You can find me more often on Instagram than anywhere else! I like Twitter but I find that I am just not that witty or as exciting as when I am on Instagram when I can just post one image and it speaks for itself. I have been posting, a LOT, on The Crafty Lot instagram! I also have some new items in the shop for you to see if you are interested.


Welcome to all the new Fleeters! I am happy to have you join me and everyone else here!

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Every week I am reviewing a television show or movie that I have watched. I am going over Ulta vs. Sephora, not to mention that there are some cool “Style Me” posts that you might enjoy!

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