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For this week’s Style Me it is all about making you have a stylish party. You and your friends can seriously throw the best party with these inexpensive party decorations! So much fun and can really make it something your friends will talk about at parties to come. All prices are approximates depending on where you go, you can actually find most of these items at your local dollar store.


DIY Glitter Balloons | Click Pick for 23 Last Minute New Years Eve Party Ideas | Fun New Years Eve Party Ideas For Adults


What you will need:

Balloons – $1
Glitter – $1-5 (depending on how much glitter you buy)
Bowl (to hold the glitter)
Glue – $1

1. Blow up your balloons
2. Put your glitter into a bowl.
3. Paint glue onto half of the balloon or all of it, up to you.
4. Dip your balloon into the glitter and tape the end to a table to prevent it from flying and keep it in place. If you are doing the whole balloon you may need to go outside to prevent your whole house from being haunted with glitter for years.
5. Once all your balloons have dried, let them fly up!


Medium #SELFIE polaroid prop frame! Personalise with any hash tag, Photobooth, Weddings/Birthday/Engagement/Party/Event

What you will need:
Foam poster board- $1
Permanent Marker- $1

1. Mark out with a pencil a square or rectangle and cut out.
2. Instead of #selfie, you can write “Graduating Class of 2015” or whenever you will be graduating!


Wish Jars | Feng Shui Prosperity Tip | Make Your Dreams Come True | The Tao of Dana

Okay, so I may need to explain this one but I think it would be really cool for students to write down what they wish for their future and when the high school or college reunion comes around, see what did or did not come true. To get high schools and colleges involved, have them store it for safe keeping for however long until the reunion and then read them. I think it will help remind people of their youth or just remind them of how much harder they have to work to achieve their dream. Of course, it could be a silly wish. I am going to add additional things to what is above, let me know if it is confusing!

What you will need:
Jar- $1-3
Paper- $5 (depending on how much you buy)
Twine- $1-3

1. Write down your dream/wish.
2. Roll it up and tie it together with twine, snugly, because it will be gone for a long time!
3. Write your first and last name on either side of the twine so that whoever is passing them out down the road, they know who to give it to without having to open and read the dream/wish.

I hope that you all enjoyed these ideas!

Are you going to have a graduation party or go to one?

-The Mermaid Network

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