Snow For Days…

Surprise! You get a life post. I will probably do these along with my usual Saturday post. Enjoy. Too bad the snow is causing me to go in this weekend to work on production needs. Sadly, this means that I will miss a Pokemon Go community event and a friend’s birthday dinner but that’s life. It was fun while it lasted, you know? We ended … Continue reading Snow For Days…

Getting Chilly Over Here

Surprise!¬†It is getting colder these days in the US…well, if you live somewhere that isn’t Florida or L.A. I am rather cold blooded because I love fall and winter. Please don’t toss me into a heat wave because I just cannot stand it! Shall we swim along now? Layers are definitely something that I love to play with and it usually involves a cami tank … Continue reading Getting Chilly Over Here

“So, you don’t hate me.” Thanksgiving + Black Friday

[villageofmonee] Hi Fleeters! I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday! It has been a while since I have had a good chat with all of you and I just wanted to tell all of you what I have been doing. So, my semester is technically over but I still have exams and two more weeks of work and then I am … Continue reading “So, you don’t hate me.” Thanksgiving + Black Friday

Dealing with Anxiety | My First Intense Anxiety Attack

[buzzquotes] I have anxiety and I know it. I think that some people out there are concerned when they realize they have anxiety and have trouble accepting it. I have noticed at a young age that I had anxiety, even when I didn’t know the word, and I have struggled. I am little better in situations that cause me anxiety but that doesn’t mean that … Continue reading Dealing with Anxiety | My First Intense Anxiety Attack

|*| Monthly Update |*| April 2015 |*| Current Music Favs

Okay, I cannot be the only mermaid around that is feeling like April has gone and past super fast! I feel like a crazy amount of emotions has gone through me and I am just here to live a life. Anyway, not to start getting into some kind of philosophical post, I just wanted to share my current music favorites because, instead of dedicating a … Continue reading |*| Monthly Update |*| April 2015 |*| Current Music Favs

2015 Liebster Award Nomination!

Hello Fleeters! I am happy to announce that TiffanytheShopalic has been nominated for a Liebster award! I know that this is now The Mermaid Network but I thought that this would still count! Special thanks to ClariboLoves for the nomination! [Definition and rules are credited to ClariboLoves who had this posted on her blog!] The word liebster is German in origin and means dearest,¬†sweetest, kindest, … Continue reading 2015 Liebster Award Nomination!