2 Blogs I Am Obsessed With

I am so in love with writing out how I feel and finding my voice. I think that I am still on my way to express myself in a way that is how I would like to talk to others but I am working hard to get there! I have only recently started to save blogs in my favorites list and I check the two I am about to share with you every day, if possible. I have found two blogs from YouTube and I don’t believe that either of them have a YouTube channel but they are connected to someone who does. I am happy to have found them. Warning: I fan girl a lot when it comes to how much I love these two girls and their blogs!


Angelique Cooper is an absolutely amazing person and I can feel her excitement through her words on her blog. I also love to watch her on YouTube with her boyfriend Sawyer Hartman because she is seriously the nicest person. I know that some would say that you cannot judge a person or have bias about them because of one or two videos but she really is sweet. I don’t think that anyone can really enrapture an audience with such a nice aura. You can find fashion, beauty, life, deals in the area, etc. She is such a cool person and I really look up to her even though she is only 20.


Cammy Morrell aka Last of the Moheak is so cool and she is only 20! I find that her direction with her blog and the images that are produced with her fashion posts are “#goals”. I love the vision for each shoot and it is so inspiring. It honestly looks like she has a whole crew! I am inspired by Cammy’s California style with some edge to it. I found Cammy through Nikki Phillipi on YouTube and she is definitely on top of her work and that is inspiring too.

I cannot tell you how cool it would be to work with either of them because they are so cool and inspire me every time I go to their blog. I can only hope that my blog will get to this level of “awesome”.

Okay, enough fan-girling for the day, who are your favorite bloggers to read?

-The Mermaid Network

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