Style Me – Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway jumped onto everyone’s radar when she appeared in The Princess Diaries and became somewhat of America’s Sweetheart because she was quirky and now she has become a strong woman who is taken seriously. To me, Anne Hathaway is a role model in the sense of being out of the public eye and not really making a splash on tabloids in a negative way.
For the more casual appearance somewhere down the street or hanging our somewhere fancy, I could see Anne wearing this. From what I have seen of her in images, she is rather minimalistic and that is what this dress is with a pop of color in the shoes that stand out without taking away from the dress.
Plunging necklines seem to be something that Anne wears, along with strapless gowns, but I decided to pick a dress that she would wear that would being out her skin and hair. I think that blue is also a color that makes everyone look good.
I don’t quite know how many times Anne has worn open back dresses but she is a great model for clothes because she has a fit body and this, I think, would make her look amazing.

-The Mermaid Network

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