DIY Bathroom Decor Part 1

crafty mermaid WM(3)

I am so excited to kick this series off! I hope that I can come up with more DIYs that are something you would like to do too! So, this DIY is more of a buying and placing strategic DIY but I think that it is a great way for you to put your own little touch to everything, even the bathroom.

What you will need:
-Shattered glass container
-Shells you have collected or purchased
-Candle holder

I bought everything but the shells when they were on clearance at Kohl’s. The shattered glass container was only $3.00 and cost about triple that so it was a steal! I knew that I wanted a cute container for the shells. By the way, this is at my sister’s house since her roommates let us decorate it the way we wanted.

The shells I have had since I went to Myrtle Beach, SC a long time ago and now I have a good use for them.

The candle holder ended up being around $3-4 as well since it was on sale and held this beach smelling candle that is more for decoration than actually burning.

I promise that there will be more DIYs that are crafty but I know that this one and the next one are more purchase and put together DIYs! I hope that you will be patient with me on them.

-The Mermaid Network

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