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Holy Moly Guacamole, January is done and it has gone by way too fast! I will see December before my eyes in no time! Well, aside from freaking everyone out about how the year will travel too fast, hello! I have decided to start something every month that will update Fleeters on what has changed, website wise, new Fleeters and what you can expect next month. I plan to post these on the last day of every month. I think that it is important to be an open book when it comes to a website.


1.  My first Crafty Mermaid may already be up by the time you see this. After deep thought, I have decided to make Crafty Mermaid a DIY/Life Hack kind of section to this website since I may not be able to do DIY’s every month. I definitely will experience these life hacks and I have one that really helped me out so I will be sharing that in February!

2. New banner! I figured that with the menu looking odd compared to others, that this would help anyone who is new to this website. I had debated on changing the names to just simple ones like Fashion, Life, Food, etc. However, the names that are on the menu are significant to me and the way that I want to present this website.


1. I added the Facebook Like Box back, just in case you don’t want to travel to the Facebook page separately.

2. I have added my Tumblr to the side bar, before the Disclaimer, so that you can head over there if you are more of a tumblr reader. You can also click HERE. I wish I could have changed the web address but someone already had The Mermaid Network taken…sad day.

3. I have added Google+ to the sidebar as well so you can follow on there too if you want. You can click HERE to view it too.


Just so some of you don’t feel left out, there is no way for me to see whose emails are reading The Mermaid Network, so I do apologize! I also wouldn’t want to share that kind of information with the public, in case spam bots try to attack. I wish I could add all of you because you seriously mean so much to me! Now, to give a shout out to all of the Fleeters who are in my life all the way from the beginning (since the end of last year)!

jen-avon | Gratuitous Rex | stepheusebi | mindset | mindmake | Cristian Mihai | jklepack | Raluca Stoica | itsallaboutsonia | Stuart M. Perkins | mikmob | juliacastrop | svadada | adoptingjames | Fifty Shades of Reality! | Maria | Claribo | belikewaterproduction | reeannalynn | lelizabet | The Fashion Huntress | rosiejbernhard | Aaron | jessiesbudgetbeauty | Fit Fashionella | harrietyoung38 | Rebecca Alexandra | kottapallyragavi

Seriously, thank you for liking anything that on this website, thank you for commenting because I love to interact with you all, thank you for just taking time out of your day to come into my world, and thank you for brightening my day.

Does this bother any of you? I hope that I don’t offend anyone by posting the name that I get to see letting me know you are a Fleeter…


February is near and dear to my heart because…tomorrow is my birthday! I will be sharing a new periodic segment, something elements posts, and a battle of lip balms post. Just a little teaser for you for what is to come!

Two questions for the end of this month:

Is there something else you would like to see in these Monthly Updates?

What happened to you this month?

-The Mermaid Network

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