DIY Card Washi Banner

I had just moved into my sister’s house when I knew that something had to be done to make my jewelry spot look beautiful. I found this scale coral washi tape for $3.99 at A.C. Moore and knew that this was “the one”. I have to say that my card banner is quite possibly one of my most favorite things in this world. What you … Continue reading DIY Card Washi Banner

Nautical Navy and Gold Art

Who doesn’t love the idea of decorating their house with something that they love? I can already see my house looking as nautical as the beach…okay, nothing can compare to the beach but I could definitely recreate the feeling. I think that this is really pretty to place in an office or nook, it doesn’t scream me in the sense of the colors since I … Continue reading Nautical Navy and Gold Art

| Graduation Week | Graduation Party Decor

For this week’s Style Me it is all about making you have a stylish party. You and your friends can seriously throw the best party with these inexpensive party decorations! So much fun and can really make it something your friends will talk about at parties to come. All prices are approximates depending on where you go, you can actually find most of these items at … Continue reading | Graduation Week | Graduation Party Decor

Restaurant Thursday – Serda’s Coffee Company

I went to a convention earlier this year in Mobile, AL. First of all, there are a couple of places in Mobile that I could live without but this is one place that I definitely went back to on my short trip there. STAFF: They are absolutely nice! I couldn’t really get a feel for them since the convention was only a block away so … Continue reading Restaurant Thursday – Serda’s Coffee Company