Restaurant Thursday – Genghis Grill

I was introduced to Genghis Grill from my sister after we had both seen it and she had already gone with a friend or two. Let’s get started!

STAFF: Walking in I was overwhelmed but the staff are nice and they explain the process to you if you are a first time customer. Absolutely wonderful if you have no clue how to anything there!

DECOR: Love it. I love that there is inside and outside seating and there are televisions that usually have some kind of sport or news, something to keep the adults interested or kids at bay. The decor to me is warm and leaves me relaxed.

FOOD: You make it yourself so you have all the power to pick what you want. At my local Genghis Grill, this is the process: Meat, Spices, Vegetables, and Sauces. When you are seated you will be given two metallic bowls, one is much larger than the other. The larger one is for you to put all your ingredients in and the small one is for your sauce.

Meat: There are at least ten different kinds of meat from your basic chicken to seafood.
Spices: At my local Genghis Grill the spicer spices are in the front and the less spicy in the back. If you have no clue what kind of spices you want, don’t worry, you can always just add salt and pepper. However, I would be aware that the sauce that you pick at the end can enhance or make the spices overwhelming in your bowl.
Vegetables: There are multiple amounts of vegetables available to you and if you are a tofu person, you can usually find it there. Also, eggs are there, literal eggs.
Sauces: I think this is where most people are stumped but they have taste spoons at the beginning of the sauces and a disposer at the end. Or you can read each one of the sauces which has the name and then what it is good with meat wise.

Once you have brought it to the end the person will ask you what base you want: rice, friend rice, udon noodles, tortillas, etc.

Tips: You do not have to fill your sauce cup all the way! You just fill as much as you like. Trust me, I filled it up all the way and it was overwhelming. ALSO, the best way to get the most out of your bowl is to put meat on one side of the larger bowl and then add vegetables on the other if you want a good balance. You could easily just fill it up with all meat if you would like.

MENU: There is a menu at the table once you are given your number. [You are given a number that you place in a tall stand so the servers can find you when they bring you your food.] In the menu you will find alcoholic beverages and desserts. You can also get appetizers which I think the only two options are dumplings or edamame. Still hungry? if you want another bowl you just tell your server, it is an extra $4 but it is unlimited. Be sure to keep in mind that you cannot take leftovers if you do pay the extra money.


Hope that this helps you on your next venture or first venture into Genghis Grill! If you have any questions, leave them down below!

-The Mermaid Chef

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