Why Do Restaurants Use “Fancy” Terminology?

Haricot verts. Wait, what? It means green beans and my sister told me what it was. I recently went to an upscale restaurant with a group of friends and I had no clue what the side options were. I felt as though I had to have a dictionary right beside me to understand. I wanted to let everyone know that it isn’t to make us … Continue reading Why Do Restaurants Use “Fancy” Terminology?

Restaurant Thursday – Genghis Grill

I was introduced to Genghis Grill from my sister after we had both seen it and she had already gone with a friend or two. Let’s get started! STAFF:¬†Walking in I was overwhelmed but the staff are nice and they explain the process to you if you are a first time customer. Absolutely wonderful if you have no clue how to anything there! DECOR:¬†Love it. … Continue reading Restaurant Thursday – Genghis Grill

#CandyCrushProblems and #NOMNOMMONDAYS No More?

I ADMIT IT! I don’t play Candy Crush very often anymore. I did for a whole year but not it has gotten to the point where I have lost determination to beat level 425. I will not longer have #CandyCrushProblems but you are welcome to view all the previous ones.   #NOMNOMMondays is moving to The Mermaid Chef. You can head over there this week … Continue reading #CandyCrushProblems and #NOMNOMMONDAYS No More?