Nail Polish, Inexpensive!

Reviews for all items listed will be coming up 😉

Nail polishes, they are beautiful and nice on nails, but some can be pricey, some may not think so, but for those who are trying to save money, it is not worth having to pay more than $1.00-$2.00. There are companies that are expensive, personally, I only buy nail polishes that are cheap and look good and are great on nails.


Wet n Wild

Art Deco


Now, from where I buy it may totally be different prices, but they should be around the same range. So…

N.Y.C. (Long Wearing Nail Enamel)  is only $0.93 where I shop, usually it is Wal-Mart. They sell N.Y.C. almost anywhere, it is inexpensive and totally worth the money. There are two more versions of N.Y.C. that aren’t more than $2.00 I believe, In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish and Sheer French Manicure Nail Enamel.

I have the following polishes from N.Y.C.

Grow 10 Nails

Black Lace Creme

Wing It Wine Creme

Big Apple Red

Big Money Frost

Purple Pizzazz Frost

Skin Tight Denim

Extra Shiny Top Coat

Wet n Wild, I saw the nail polishes at the bottom rack when I went to Walgreens and saw that it was only $0.99! I was excited and got them :] The two nail polishes I have are in the Wild Shine collection.

Sunny Side Up

Bijou Blue

Art Deco is bought at Dollar Tree. You can buy nail art tools but I decided that I wanted to use the nail brushes instead. There are about fifteen colors? I am not sure, but I know that they are a dollar. I think they might be at Dollar General but don’t take my word on that! I love them and they might be scary at first but you just have to get used to them and you can do cool designs (review with pics coming up ;))

Solid Colors:

Light Pink

Hot Pink





Sparkly (Not Opaque at all):






AVON is a place where people  (mostly women) shop. They have campaign magazines every two weeks or so and they are efficient :] You can use email or call them so that is good. Very good service and super nice people. Anyway, they have many nail polishes and I have not gotten the chance to get one, but I did get one when it was in the outlet.

Adhesive Base Coat

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