I am Slowly Changing My Tune

If you read my recent post: Current State of Mind + Etsy, then you will know that I was still very much against leaving the confines of my apartment. I took a walk, a long, long walk this past Friday to see an area I hadn’t seen before in my neighborhood. Honestly, my neighborhood is a culprit in the mass amount of people not wearing … Continue reading I am Slowly Changing My Tune

Review: N.Y.C. Broadway Burgundy Frost

I put this color on and it looks amazing! I love the darkness, it is not dark enough that you can’t tell that it is burgundy and too light to call it another color. Really good consistency and goes on the whole nail with only one coat. If you want to put more than one that is fine but one coat should do it. The … Continue reading Review: N.Y.C. Broadway Burgundy Frost

August Favorites!

TREsemme Heat Spray: http://tiffanytheshopaholic.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/review-tresemme-heat-tamer-spray/ I love this heat spray and it smells really good and works great! Since I bought it (not sure when) I used it throughout August! I love it and use it after my shower, before I blow dry my hair. I also use it in the morning if I straighten my hair that day. Andis Multi Heat Ceramic Straightener: http://tiffanytheshopaholic.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/review-andis-multi-heat-ceramic-straightner/ My … Continue reading August Favorites!