N.Y.C. Extra Shiny Top Coat Review

The one I have is exactly the same other than the fact that it is in the new bottles. Anyway, this is what I bought yesterday at Wal-Mart and is totally more than I thought! I bought it because my old nail top coat was old and just disgusting. I decided to buy N.Y.C. if they had any and they did. I paid $0.93 for this. I tried it on today and totally fell in love with it! The shine it gives the nails is super shiny and amazing. Inexpensive and definitely a way to go when you need a good top coat, the applicator (brush) is really good and the nail polish goes on really well. I recommend buying this.

Positive: It works really well and makes your nails feel really smooth, also it is the shiniest top coat I have ever used 😉

Negative: None as far as I can tell. (UPDATE AS OF 9/9/10) It cracks the nail polish!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps 😉


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