5 Things No One Tells You When You First Get Glasses

1. You will have indentations where you wear your glasses, causing you to have a slight headache for the first couple of days. Your skull is soft, even though people make jokes about how thick-headed some people are, and will have the indentations of your glasses. When I had to turn in my glasses, I wanted the same frame, the indentations went away but I had really bad headaches because I couldn’t see or had to squint. Thankfully, I didn’t drive or go to school since it was over the summer.

2. Washing your glasses every day can help prevent acne. I wash my glasses every day which prevents any oils, dirt, dry skin, etc. from building up on my glasses and causing acne.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your glasses. Not all of us have them but you can usually get a free one when you get your new glasses. The reason why you want to use microfiber is because any regular face towel or shirt can cause scratches on your lenses that are permanent which can inhibit your sight if they get larger. If you only have those two items, try to do a patting motion rather than dragging the fabric across the lenses.

4. You can get your nose pieces changed for free. I hate the harder nose pieces, which is what most glasses come with automatically, and get them changed out for softer ones. I find that the bridge of my nose is thankful for less pressure from the harder ones.

5. Investing in a glasses case can help you out a lot. If you are someone who tends to misplace their glasses, you can purchase a glasses case, one that is better than the usual sleeve that your glasses company gives you, and keep it at your bed side. This always helps to remind me to place them back in the case. If you have prescription sunglasses you can switch your regular glasses out without having to worry about them getting squashed in your bag.

Do you have glasses? What is something that you wish someone told you before you got them?

-The Mermaid Network

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