I’m Sushi, and you are…?

You want to know the best thing about this crop top sushi shirt? It was on clearance for less than $5.00! I think that it was only $3-something. A steal! It was cold but not my standard version of cold, I just love chilly weather, is that so bad? Anyway, I was out and about and got froyo before this, so good! Top: Forever 21 … Continue reading I’m Sushi, and you are…?

Inspired by Ingrid Nilsen

What I love most about this outfit is that it is comfortable and “vintage” from my mom. I kept these pieces because I love that the floral dress has a pure white background, making the flowers look less “old”. I love the top because it is extremely comfortable during the warmer months. I was inspired by Ingrid Nilsen, Missglamorazzi, on YouTube who has an interestingly … Continue reading Inspired by Ingrid Nilsen

5 Things No One Tells You When You First Get Glasses

1. You will have indentations where you wear your glasses, causing you to have a slight headache for the first couple of days. Your skull is soft, even though people make jokes about how thick-headed some people are, and will have the indentations of your glasses. When I had to turn in my glasses, I wanted the same frame, the indentations went away but I … Continue reading 5 Things No One Tells You When You First Get Glasses