I Don’t Like The Way Technology Consumes Us


We literally have the world at our fingertips. Everyone can be friends with each other on Facebook even though they live all the way across the world. We can order pizza without talking to anyone. We can find a location, most of the time, with a reliable GPS. As much as the world has benefited from the amazing things technology has given us, it has also left us changed for better or for worse. I cannot speak for anyone else since I am only myself. Also, I am not bragging when I am telling you what kinds of technology I have because I have actually only bought one, which is my laptop, the others were gifts or hand-me-downs. I am fortunate but if you think that this is just a bragging post, you are missing the point. This may also get to be a bit of a ramble but I am just expressing my thoughts.

I would say that I have done fairly well in controlling how technology is incorporated into my life. I don’t actually use my phone unless I need to call or text someone. It stays in my purse unless I need to charge it in a day or two. I have a Samsung t528g so it isn’t a “real” smart phone. I do have two iPhones, from my dad and sister respectively, and one is just for daily use by checking emails and playing game apps while the other is meant for this blog. I hardly get on the “blog phone” unless I am taking picture for the blog. The one I use daily is what I check most often but I have weened off from keeping it attached to my side. I also have an iPad that I won from my previous university which is awesome and all but I am hardly on that anymore as well. I have my laptop, Felicity, who is awesome, and I love typing on her and using her fast paced processor for everything.

I recently got on Facebook and messaged two friends who hadn’t responded and I felt all the negative thoughts about how they hate me, conspire against me, didn’t want me in their lives, everything that could break a friendship apart happened in my head. All too often it happens when you see that the person is typing but hasn’t hit “send.” On Facebook Messenger you can see that they have seen your message and you wonder why they haven’t responded. I don’t like to be stuck to technology if I can help it when it comes to interacting with people because getting a text message shoots a bit of anxiety through me. I don’t know who it is until I see it and I don’t know what they want.

I was on my lunch break when I messaged my two friends so a couple hours passed and I messaged them again, one responded while I continue to wait for the other. I realize that they are busy and so am I but I really need to just chill when it comes to feeling like people hate me. I become my own worse enemy when it comes to thinking that people hate me and so what if they do? I cannot change someone who is dead set on hating me or ignoring me. If someone doesn’t want to me around me then I should just avoid them or be polite but know that they are just not interested in being real friends. Technology really put everything out there because you can call or text someone else about other people. I guess what I really need is a technology detox or separation by going on an adventure. Something!

Anyway, sorry if I rambled too much, but technology is everywhere and it is something relevant in everyone’s life but it shouldn’t be all there is to life. We still need to experience those places we have never been to and live our lives without having to tweet out every moment. We don’t need to document a picture everyday in our lives to remember what happened and we don’t need to become obsessed with other people’s lives they pop up in our news feed.

What do you do to get away from technology?

-The Mermaid Network

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