“24” and a Party

Above: Basically all my interactions, awkwardness included, with the male species…

Before we begin…24 is the name of the guy.

Also, I over-analyze EVERYTHING, even things not pertaining to relationships.

Okay! Back to this, so I remember that a couple of weeks before 24 and I really hung out with our friends that he asked if I was going to a party, I had another event that night so I couldn’t. An end of the year party came about and he asked me again. A friend of mine ended up saying she would take me since I promised that I would go to the next one. You can read about my first party experience here. I went and 24 ended up showing up. I don’t know him much to be a party person but he showed up and did some mingling as did I but we didn’t really talk to each other much. I remember him specifically texting me that he was waiting for us to arrive so that it wasn’t “awkward” since he didn’t want to be left in “awkward” situations.

You know how that made me feel?

Some would say wanted.

Others would say needed.

I felt that I understood where he was coming from. Honestly, if I could drive and if my friend didn’t offer me a ride, I wouldn’t have gone. Partying is not my scene and I don’t think it will be but it was nice to hang out with people. I think that if I was alone I would feel like I would have found a corner and stayed there until the party ended or after about an hour.

So, yeah, I felt that it was an understandable “awkward” and if I can be support to any of my friends, not just because I like 24, I would be their support system as I have been many times before to others for different reasons.

What do you think?

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