I Am Living

I am officially living a life…I think. I have never gone out to a party or outside of my dorm outside of a normal hour unless it was work related. These past couple of days have been fun and I think that I have found some people in my life that are truly good friends and can be a part of my life in the long haul if I can use the energy to keep in contact. I tend to let friends fall through and I really don’t want that to happen anymore.

I have gone to my first party and first movie night with friends. Now, you might think, well that isn’t too weird. I am 21 now…so I think that is a smidgen weird.

Anyway, these next couple of posts will express what has really changed in my life because I am definitely finding peace and finding challenges that are different from what I expected.

I don’t know if this post has made any sense but having the people in my life who don’t treat me like crap or take advantage of me is a really nice change.

What do you think?

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