My First…Party

This is a new segment on my blog! I am letting you all know about “My First”s because I think that these are moments in life that are worth remembering either for the better or worse. So far they have been great.

So to put this in perspective, I was invited to a party after the scholarship dinner for my department and I had portfolio review the next morning. Also, I have been invited but have never gone to a party.

My first party and it was something I was not used to because I had never been to one. I go to the after party after changing and my friend came to pick me up. We head over and 24 (for anyone who doesn’t know he was my crush from the freshman year of college) was coming too but separately. I honestly hadn’t thought that he would go but this is his last semester. Anywho, we all hang out together and I notice him with my friend who is also in my field and they are talking and if I really think about it, they would make a cute match because she is outgoing and he is shy but outgoing too.

24 offers me a beer, an Angry Orchard, not sure if that counts but it was good and I drank it all while watching my friend who brought me to the party play beer pong without beer, just water.

I left after about an hour but it was interesting and fun while people did their thing and listened to the party jams and drank TONS of beer. I also had a taste of champagne, another friend at the party had me try some so I drank it and it flowed all over me, not a ton, but still a bit. I coughed and some of the champagne went into my nose but thankfully didn’t spill out. I can’t remember who said this also but it seems that every time I drink that people freak out. I have only had drinks on four separate occassions and it hasn’t made me black out, just a drink or two (I am being absolutely serious). I think that drinking responsibly is one of the most important things that a person can do.

So, my first part was really fun and I got to hang out with people in a social manner rather than academic one.

-Fleeting Mermaid

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