Closet Organization

This is one of a few organizational blogs I will be posting up :]

So, we all know that it is hard to organize if you have a lot of items, especially if you have a closet full. It is hard for me to go about organizing for single bedrooms. I share one with my sister and it is not the best since there are two beds and we both love shopping. Also, I have a brother who I get hand-me-downs from and they are clothes I would not wear out. I mean, they aren’t ugly or anything it is just that I am more girly and he has shirts that are kind of unflattering on me. So I use them for sleeping shirts which is a good way to keep clothes without wearing them out.

Alright, so you shouldn’t have as many clothes as me (sadly I love shopping too much -___-) You should clean out your closet every few months or so. Look at the clothes and think “when is the last time I wore this?” If you can’t remember, maybe it is time to give it away. Any clothes that I don’t fit me or just are too tight on me go out the door. We have Salvation Army bags and give them clothes. I have filled two bags. Honestly, I mean, I don’t plan on wearing some of the clothes, ever. If I don’t wear it now what makes anyone think I am going to wear it two years from now? It might not even fit.

Don’t look at clothes again once they are in the bag. Remembering what happened when you wore that shirt or those jeans will cause you to pull them out of that bag. Memories are what you keep in your mind, not through a piece of clothing. It just makes you take up space. The bags might be in my room but I don’t look at them, I just walk past them because I know that there is no point in keeping something that will be thrown back into the bag next year. Yes, I have kept clothes because of sentimental meaning that don’t fit me and they go back into the bag. They are staying there now. Also, give clothes to Goodwill or something, you aren’t cheap looking or weird by going to Goodwill.

If you have a dresser, organize it by clothing type. I have mine in this order: tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, other/gym, and what I need to sneak into that bag. Yes, some pieces of clothing I will not wear whether they fit me or not. I know that sounds stupid or just selfish but I would rather a child in need wear it than me. It is more beneficial and there are children out there who need clothing and you can give it to them. It is better for the both of you.

Also, organizing things will give you a chance to see what colors you don’t have in your wardrobe and what color you have too much of. I went through a dark state in my life and wore only black really. I have wayyyy too much black. I do like to wear other colors but I wear a lot of black. I like how black looks and since I am not the skinniest toothpick I like to look slimmer.

Anyway, if this helped you at all, comment below!

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