Food For Thought: Why Am I Self-Conscious?

I think that it is time for a story…from second grade. So, I remember that it was picture day and my mom decided that I would look really cute with a traditional Chinese two piece garment. I was so excited for picture day and then found out when I got there that picture day was tomorrow. I didn’t know that people would judge me for … Continue reading Food For Thought: Why Am I Self-Conscious?

Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

[iwantedwings] I don’t know what it was but watching Sleeping Beauty had me blushing as a child and I felt whimsical. A love that is actually really creepy now that I am older, was absolutely romantic for me. I loved that Prince Philip and Aurora met randomly and that they fell in love for a quick second before she fell into a deep sleep. I also … Continue reading Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

| Trends Recycle | What to Keep and What to Donate |

As my professor once said to my class, “There is nothing new in fashion”. It is true because I never thought that I would see chokers again but they have been seen every now and then. Some people dislike high-waisted jeans but I prefer them. Almost everything in fashion has recycled to come back in a span of twenty years or less. So, what should … Continue reading | Trends Recycle | What to Keep and What to Donate |

Style Me – Captain Hook

[Photo Credit: TomandLorenzo] There is something about Captain Hook that makes my heart pitter-patter but it is really the way that Colin O’Donaghue portrays Captain Hook that makes the character everything he is. I chose a couple of items based off of the way that Captain Hook is dressed and the way that his characters acts on Once Upon a Time. I am still looking … Continue reading Style Me – Captain Hook

Review: Basic Cotton Rib Tank (3 Pack)

So I am sure every mother doesn’t want their daughters cleavage to show so that is why I bought these. I bought mine in medium which, I believe 34-36, or something. I got the tank tops in black, dark brown/gray/black (hard to tell on that one) and a pale color that is hard to explain. The tank tops are comfortable and made well considering it … Continue reading Review: Basic Cotton Rib Tank (3 Pack)