Good Things Jar Update!

You didn’t think that I forgot, did you? I created a Good Things Jar early into 2015 and a lot of amazing things have happened! You can see the small start that I had here. My jar has become full and I cannot believe that a lot of amazing things have happened.

il_570xn-897584652_9egw[Click the image above to get your own Good Things Jar from my Etsy shop!]

I decided to create a Good Things Jar for myself because it has kept me motivated and made me smile through some tough times this year. I also think that as a person who has dealt with a lot of depression, self-doubt, and all around beating myself up for things I cannot control, it has been a huge help. What is considered a good thing to someone may not be the same as someone else. This is like a diary that is a constant reminder of the good that happened each year, not the bad. Below is an overview of what happened to me and below that is a list of all of the great things.


What happened in 2015?


1/1 – I bought a new laptop!
– Today I went to pick up Felicity Smoak (my laptop)!
1/9 – I was finally given a car! A 1994 Toyota Corolla named “Bye Felicia,” which is shortened to just “Felicia.” Actually, she has “DBZ” in her license plate so my brother came up with “Feliciageta,” you know, after Vegeta. GOOD TIMES.
1/31 – I finally have a dress form to call my own! (I named her Carmen Ariel Sandiego.


2/1 – Tell ’em that it’s my birthday! I turned 22! Cue that T-Swift awesomeness!
– I got accepted into the university I interviewed for in November 2014!
 – Pandaroni (my sister) and I got our first Etsy order on The Crafty Lot!
2/25 – Last of the Moheak (now called CammyMorrell) started following me on Instagram :D.
2/26 – The Mermaid Network has 101 Fleeters!


3/20 – I went after hours to a childhood museum that hosts an adult only party, since there is alcohol, but you get to do everything that kids do when they take field trips.
3/26 – I wrote a scholarship essay to hopefully gain a talent scholarship and was told on this day that I did!


4/16 – I was asked if I wanted to design six different looks for mermaids! I also decorated each look.
4/23 – Got my mommy a chocolate chip bundt cake for her birthday! 
– I went to see my best friend for her last performance at college. I also got to see all of my friends and then met Pinkie’s guinea pigs!


5/11 – I went to Big Lots and found Brother sewing machine for only $50.00.
5/13 – Got a free Singer sewing machine.


6/9 – My co-worker worked on the Taylor Swift concert and she gave me the crew t-shirt without asking for anything.
– I went to a bridal shower for a good friend of mine!
6/29 – Todrick Hall came into town and performed. #LOVEDIT #SPLITSONTREES #LAWASHA #LADRYA #TWERKININTHERAIN


7/11 – I moved into Panda’s house!
7/12 – Moved all of the stuff from pandaroni’s car within an hour into the house!
7/31 – Me and Panda are seen in Todrick Hall’s YouTube video! For about one second.


8/7 – Panda and I got to see Christina Perri w/ Michael and Marisa and High Dive Heart!



10/9 – I went to the fair and got to ride a lot of different rides. I had fun with the small group of people that I went with.
– I went with panda to see Melanie Martinez and afterwards at Sonic’s.


11/1 – I went to see Hamlet live in a movie theatre that streamed Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet.
11/6 – Ellie Goulding tickets have been purchased!
11/22 – I saw one of the plays I worked on!


12/4 – My first semester is finally over.
– Today I went put-putting with my shop manager and two grad students. I payed a fish bowl game and got 500 tickets. Score :]. Even though I didn’t do really well at the beginning, my last round ended up being on par!
12/12 – I went to a holiday cookie decorating party at a friend’s apartment as part of a mentor program and had good conversation with White Christmas playing in the background.
12/12 – I came home and found a dolphin duo ornament with a note from Pandaroni!
12/14 – I went to my draper’s house for dinner.
12/14 – My homeslice (a friend I made in my first semester at this new college) made an adorable pin cushion jar for everyone at my draper table and included Reese’s.
12/17 – I got a really cool “squid”scarf as my secret Santa gift from Grace.
12/19 – I went to see The Nutcracker for the first time.
12/25 – I got Tang Bao!
12/26 – I got to hang out with two of my friends for a little holiday meet up.

I have an Etsy shop, The Crafty Lot, that I co-own with my sister and I have decided to make some Good Things Jars that I think all of you will enjoy. Here is the LINK. I am not saying you have to buy one but if you would like one, these are ones that my sister and I personally have a hand in making!


What do you think?

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