I Almost Ran Someone Over + Cat Called + Getting Things Wrong = The Weirdest Day Ever

I am always thinking that we are all human and how we should be considerate of others but when people aren’t considerate, it just kills your good mood. Right?

It has been a while since we have had a good chat. Well, it has been really long since I have talked to you about my personal life. My personal life, as in my school life, has been packed. I am not kidding either. I have had to plan posts and schedule them because if I didn’t do that, I would have no time at all. AT ALL. I am in school two days of the week past eleven every time and there are so many things that I need to do. Now, I just want to let you all know of the weirdest day of my life because everything seemed to be going wrong. I am also going to talk about the amazing fair that I went to as well, but in a later post!

So, I was going to school and heard on the radio that Taylor Swift tickets were available because they were giving away tickets. So, clearly even though I was driving, I had to call. I was at a light, granted, I know that it is not okay to drive and call or even be on the phone. Anyway, I am holding the phone to my ear and there are these two middle aged men who are walking across the street, SO SLOWLY. I am so sorry but if you are going to cross the street, would you please just run? You don’t own the road and neither do I, but at least go to a cross walk. Also, yeah, I looked up lawsuits to find out whose fault it would be and it seems like it would be a case by case basis. Anyway, I just ended up going around both men, with enough clearance. All of the people behind me also followed suit. However, his shouting of “Get off of your phone” had me thinking that I never use my phone while driving. I keep my phone at a distance in every day life. I mean, Taylor Swift is someone I look up to and I don’t think that she would be happy that I wanted to see her so badly that someone got hurt. So, I am reestablishing that rule in me not to be on my phone, even if it is to win Taylor Swift tickets.

Alright, so after going back into a zen state of mind, I am just dropping items off at my car and someone actually whistles that “cat call” tune and I didn’t even look. I felt objectified because why do guys think that it is okay or flattering for them to whistle at someone? It is just gross and doesn’t make me think highly of them, if at all. I also kept messing up on a costume and I was so upset at myself, the mood clearly died because that morning I was so excited. I always love Fridays because a stressful week is done and I feel like I can take on the world.

-The Mermaid Network

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