VA Trailer #1!!!!

Am I excited for this movie!? You bet I am! I have been a huge Richelle Mead fan since I was a freshman in high school and that was six years ago! I have never been more ecstatic and a lot of people keep saying that they are disappointed or don’t like parts of it…it is only a minute of the movie in clips.

Personally I am taking the movie away from the books and just making sure the basics are there, yeah, i know that some of the clips are not true to the book but I am excited to see it come to life. I love that there are Dimitri and Rose moments and that they keep the trailer full of the heightened emotion.

Now…when it comes to wielding I have to be a little knitpicky because Rose getting a stake is a right of passage and is actually symbolic for her to realize that she is ready to have a life in her hands, at least physically.


Let me know what you think below and also let me know if you have read the Vampire Academy series.

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