How to Shop: Perfume

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and perfume is a tricky thing to buy a lot of the times. Especially if you are buying it for someone else, so I am thinking that it is time to come up with a way so that you can buy a perfume that you love and if you are looking to get a present for someone, for them too.

I find that buying perfume can be a huge investment because of how much you spend on them. I personally started out with AVON perfume and I have gone through trial and error of the perfumes I have had. There are certain ones that I don’t like and that is because I would buy them on clearance so my money going in wouldn’t be a waste of a great proportion. I know that a lot of you might be skeptical but go online and find a perfume quiz on a magazine website.

Once you have taken the quiz, there should be suggestions for the perfume you should look at. I just took one:

Go ahead and take it and see what comes up, I got Woody. Anyway, you can take the two perfumes in memory and find it in store and smell it, spray it one, testing if you can wear it all day or if it is not you.

I recommend, if you just want to go for it, go to an Ulta because in department stores they watch you like vultures and I understand that it is their job, I just don’t feel comfortable being watched for a sale. No offense to anyone who is in that department. I love Ulta and it is rare (where I am from) that they come to ask me about anything in perfume. Go ahead and try out a perfume that you think will smell good. I also recommend that you make sure, wherever you go, that there are coffee beans so that you can clear your palette when you smell another perfume. If you do not smell the coffee beans after one perfume, you can get a mixed smell from another which could be perfect but is blocked by another scent.

What do you think?

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