Review: Loreal Paris Bare Naturale Mascara in 800 Black

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this is the best mascara for a “no makeup” look or for an interview. I went to an “interview” a few months ago and the video will be up soon my youtube channel. I personally think that for a young girl in her teens who is starting to get into makeup to try this out. I know that this will not be the cheapest mascara because it is expensive, I bought mine at Dollar Tree. Anyway, for those of you who need a mascara that will do its job without overdoing it and making you look like you have clumps of mascara, this is it. I know that most people want voluminizing but having a nice coat of mascara that just adds some definition without overdoing it is great. This mascara is like the true naturale mascara also by Loreal but even lighter and weightless. I highly recommend this for those of you who want a lightweight mascara and/or teenage girls who are starting into makeup and don’t want to wear crazy makeup everyday.

Positive: Amazing mascara

Negative: Nothing.

What do you think?

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