Review: Sinful Colors in Hazard

Hey Shopaholics, Tiffany here, a great nail polish to transition from spring to summer, a great summer color as well. I love this odd orange color that is not totally on the red side or yellow but in the middle. I bought this because I didn’t want an obnoxious orange color because I like the lighter shades of orange rather than the darker colors. However, this color is darker once you have it on then when you see it in the bottle which might be odd but that is how it is. I like the color nonetheless and it looks beautiful. I think that if you were obsessed with orange or wanted to try color on your nails this is a good one to try.

Positive: Cute color.

Negative: I wish it came out just like the nail polish when you see it in the bottle.

WTB: Walgreens

Do you have a nail polish that does the same thing as Hazard?

What do you think?

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