Review: CoverGirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation in 310 Flax

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, this is the color before the lightest which might tell you that I am not that dark. I really like this foundation and I got this as a present from my mother who knew I loved it since I saw Taylor Swift promoting it. I began to wear it when it started to get hotter, even on my graduation day, and I was oily by the end of it. I recommend this for the winter months, not summer. Even with a translucent powder it still is hard for me to keep my face from getting oily. This foundation however gives medium coverage and doesn’t feel heavy as, I am sure, most are. If you have active breakouts, this will not cover it up as well as a heavier coverage would. This foundation is also not going to cover up acne scars, you can still see the scarring through the foundation. However, I do love this and the smell of this foundation is lovely and not factory-like.

Positive: good foundation

Negative: brings out the oil in my skin

WTB: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Do you have a really good foundation?

(I thought that a chart would be more helpful to you :])

What do you think?

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