Style Me – Elphaba

[themysterycasefiles] If you have seen Wicked, you will know that Elphaba wasn’t always evil. I love the costumes in Wicked but I think that it would be so cool to see an Elphaba modern take because no one’s skin is really green, at least not normally. In my mind, Elphaba in modern times would be strong and own a corporation in some way. I am in love … Continue reading Style Me – Elphaba

Let’s Review…The Originals

[epiguides] The Originals follows the Michaelsons, made of three of the original vampires ever. Elijah Michaelson, the strong brother who is always rational and will calm his brother, Niklaus down. Niklaus Michaelson, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, is a troublemaker but also someone who wants to get his “territory” back from his disciple, Marcel whom he hasn’t seen in over 100 years (if I … Continue reading Let’s Review…The Originals