The Museum of Sex

Attention: In this post, I do mention a lot of the more graphic things in the Museum of Sex so if you don’t feel comfortable reading any of this it’s totally fine! I didn’t know what to expect on my first visit to the Museum of Sex and my expectations were met and surpassed. I expected there to be a lot of vulgar content but … Continue reading The Museum of Sex

Let’s Review: The Giver

[teaser-trailer] Before I get started, this whole month in the Fleeting Mermaid Section will be movie/show reviews so I hope that you are excited! Okay, The Giver is something that I was expecting to be like The Hunger Games or Divergent but it wasn’t. I was surprised and slightly disappointed with what happened and this is just based off of the movie since I have never read the book. The movie … Continue reading Let’s Review: The Giver