Style Me – Sally

[The Nightmare Before Christmas Wiki] Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas was someone I felt sadness for and envy because she could sew herself up like no one’s business. I also loved her connection to Jack and how she didn’t let someone who had more power than her, stop her from doing what she thought was right. To keep with the patchwork look, this beautiful … Continue reading Style Me – Sally

Style Me – Dr. Finkelstein

[disneywiki] Dr. Finkelstein, The Nightmare Before Christmas, always gave me the heeby-jeebies. I remember as a child when Dr. Finkelstein called for Sally and she was hiding to make sure that he didn’t spot her trying to leave. Dr. Finkelstein is really creepy but I think that in a modern world he would be edgy and mysterious in order to enrapture those around town. I think … Continue reading Style Me – Dr. Finkelstein

Style Me – Oogie Boogie

[disney.wikia] As a child, my first thoughts of Oogie Boogie were “NOPE.” I just knew watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, that the whole movie would give me nightmares for years. I actually didn’t muster up the strength to watch it again until a couple of years ago. Granted, I still love Jack and Sally all this time. Also, I looked through Pinterest for the “right” images … Continue reading Style Me – Oogie Boogie