Glass Dolphins

I think that glass-blowers are one of the most talented people who have ever created art. Glass figurines, like these dolphins, are “expensive” but that is because glass-blowing is a dying art. I hate to say that…”dying art” but it really is. I think that I will invest in a beautiful dolphin, one day, but that has yet to arrive. You can get a pretty … Continue reading Glass Dolphins

Top 3 – Critic’s Choice Awards

I missed the Critic’s Choice Awards and felt sad because I didn’t see any advertisements for it anywhere. Aside from that, I congratulate all winners, the ones who went home with an award or not, and will now tell you my Top 3 of that night! [USAToday] David Oyelowo definitely did something right! I love menswear but it can be a bit monotonous and, honestly, they … Continue reading Top 3 – Critic’s Choice Awards

Welcome to The Mermaid Network

Is it 2015 already? Welcome to The Mermaid Network, where you will find a little bit of everything! I absolutely love makeup, fashion, cooking, and life and by sharing that all with you I hope that you will enjoy it too. Below is the four blogs that I have consolidated and will be closing off since I have moved all previous posts to here! My … Continue reading Welcome to The Mermaid Network