Shopping Monologue: Holiday Makeup

  Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I wanted to tell you all about the products that I used the most during my holiday break. I left out one on accident but it is my CoverGirl Pro-lining eyeliner, it is discontinued as far as I know. List of Products: 1 CoverGirl Nature Luxe Foundation in 310 Flax 2 Cailyn Gel Eyeliner in Black 3 Maybelline Great … Continue reading Shopping Monologue: Holiday Makeup

Shopping Monologue: After Christmas

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I had a lot of fun shopping through all the deals yesterday! Let’s get into it! The places that I went to were Target, Kirklands, A.C. Moore, Big Lots, JCPenney, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. First stop, Target, and it was rather hectic near the lights since lights are the most popular to be bought. My parents were more into getting … Continue reading Shopping Monologue: After Christmas

Shopping Monologue: FREE JCP and an AWESOME Hello Kitty Palette

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this palette was in the clearance section, waiting for me at Sephora! Today I went with my mother and we ventured into JCP. I looked around JCP just for fun and all of the clothing I had picked did not fit me. However, the mass of bras that I took with me to the dressing rooms (mass meaning about eight … Continue reading Shopping Monologue: FREE JCP and an AWESOME Hello Kitty Palette

Black Friday ROCKS!

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and this is late, but black Friday was a bittersweet experience. I have to say that I am disappointed that stores would actually open up on Thanksgiving day. However, I did go Thanksgiving night because my sister had to work on black Friday. Black Friday deals were out and about and people were packing into the store, mainly into the electronics … Continue reading Black Friday ROCKS!

Shopping Monologue: Tax-Free Shopping

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I seriously thought that everyone had tax-free shopping but apparently that might not be the case? I don’t know but recently I had a wonderful time tax-free shopping and went to two malls which was overwhelming. I am totally out of shopping for whole days. I used to do that a lot and now I don’t because I am off … Continue reading Shopping Monologue: Tax-Free Shopping