Style Me – Big Macintosh

[allegro] YEP. Big Macintosh is from the show My Little Pony and you will probably be seeing more pony characters in the future. Right now though, this colt is one of the most endearing characters on the show because he literally only says “YEP”. There have been a couple of episodes where he says more but he usually sticks to his one word. He is the … Continue reading Style Me – Big Macintosh

Style Me – Princess Jasmine

[disneywiki] Have you ever wanted to be a modern day Jasmine? Well, here is are three things that you can probably find in certain stores, depending on what they sell, and get yourself something similar. I actually have a shorter crop top in this color from JCPenney and if you can find it there, you can find it anywhere. I think that this isn’t … Continue reading Style Me – Princess Jasmine