Style Me – Zero

[The NIghtmare Before Christmas Wiki] We all know that Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a ghost dog and when I saw this picture, I just knew. I had been searching for a couple of minutes and nothing was clicking, but this image just took my breath away. I also love Zero because he is just adorable and so loyal to Jack. I think that … Continue reading Style Me – Zero

Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

[iwantedwings] I don’t know what it was but watching Sleeping Beauty had me blushing as a child and I felt whimsical. A love that is actually really creepy now that I am older, was absolutely romantic for me. I loved that Prince Philip and Aurora met randomly and that they fell in love for a quick second before she fell into a deep sleep. I also … Continue reading Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

Style Me – Elphaba

[themysterycasefiles] If you have seen Wicked, you will know that Elphaba wasn’t always evil. I love the costumes in Wicked but I think that it would be so cool to see an Elphaba modern take because no one’s skin is really green, at least not normally. In my mind, Elphaba in modern times would be strong and own a corporation in some way. I am in love … Continue reading Style Me – Elphaba

Style Me – Rainbow Dash

[mlp wiki] Rainbow Dash is a character that can make you love her or rub you the wrong way. When I first started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I felt that her character wasn’t that great because she was brash and didn’t consider others. Much better in the newer seasons but she was self-centered. What I do like about Rainbow Dash is that she is … Continue reading Style Me – Rainbow Dash

Style Me – Caleb Rivers

[popsugar] For all of my Fleeters who watch Pretty Little Liars, who doesn’t love Caleb? For anyone who doesn’t know who Caleb is, he is basically the best fictional boyfriend a girl could ask for. No, but really. I love that Caleb has a mystery to him even though we practically know all about him currently. #HalebForever I love that Caleb always has accents of … Continue reading Style Me – Caleb Rivers

Style Me – Princess Bubblegum

[adventure time wiki] Princess Bubblegum, from Adventure Time, is extremely bubbly, get it? I think that her character is so happy all of the time but she definitely has a sassy side to her that gives a lot of dimension to her and in comparison to Finn and Jake. Since the world that they live in is imaginary and not the real world, I thought, what if … Continue reading Style Me – Princess Bubblegum

Style Me – Sailor Pluto

[pinterest] Let’s be honest, who didn’t want Sailor Pluto’s hair? #hairgoals I love that she was a no nonsense character and moved the story along really fast. I also love that she had awesome colored lips while everyone else didn’t. Even back then I was obsessed with long hair and colored lips. I think that, based on how she was dressed as regular citizen that … Continue reading Style Me – Sailor Pluto

Style Me – Peacock

Of course, we know of the male peacock being the most obnoxious since they have the looks and females don’t. How narcissistic. Okay, they can’t help it but it would make me envious as a female to see how beautiful their feathers are. Anyway, I decided to do three each respectively since female peacocks don’t get enough love. [animal-kid] This image to me is … Continue reading Style Me – Peacock

Style Me – Glinda the Good Witch

Don’t get mad…I have never seen The Wizard of Oz  but I think that kind of helps me stay objective when it comes to the pieces I chose for Glinda. There is the classic version of Glinda, pictured above and the modern version. I just chose to base my choices off of the original. This is a really simple dress but it has a shape … Continue reading Style Me – Glinda the Good Witch

Style Me- Spencer Hastings

[Pretty Little Liars Wiki] I will admit that when Pretty Little Liars started that Spencer was just untouchable in the sense that I couldn’t quite connect with her character. She had a family who was well off and cared so much about school that it would make anyone’s brain hurt. I admired her though and watching her progression through the show she has grown to one of … Continue reading Style Me- Spencer Hastings