Favorite Ingredient in Alfredo

  A little watery than I would have preferred but that is because of the oil I had put in, too much! Other than that, penne pasta, chicken, mushrooms, and spinach. This was so good that I was able to eat it the next day! Also, I think that spinach is my favorite thing to put in alfredo because it adds a great texture that … Continue reading Favorite Ingredient in Alfredo

Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus Alfredo

I didn’t really think about a receipe since I normally like to wing things. I love asparagus! What you will need: Water Oil Onions Asparagus (one grouping should be fine for two pots of alfredo unless you want an excess in asparagus) Chicken Noodles of your choice Alfredo Sauce Seasonings: Pepper, paprika, dried minced garlic, and basil STEPS: 1. Wash your onion, and cut into … Continue reading Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus Alfredo